dayoutlast is a record of my direct engagement with mostly contemporary art, mostly Los Angelean.

As this blog has evolved since its 2010 inception, so has my perspective. What I once perceived as central within the investigation was what was central, literally, within the photographic frame that I shared here. While still an important consideration, such thinking has also given way to more peripheral considerations, ones also accompanied occasionally by text (written manifestation of thought) and the oscillations between them. What's missing here are larger unknowns surrounding issues of presentation and representation; the amount of time and space it actually takes to accomplish such first-hand observations; and the quandaries between documentation and interpretation.

Despite my attempt to communicate here with image and text what is essential in some respect about the artwork, neither representation should ever be considered a substitution for the primary viewing experience. Of course, occasionally there are exceptions.

Most of the time, these posts are merely remnants---residual fragments---from my last day out.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Steve Roden ragpicker @ CRG

"aura rests (an old resonance)." 2013
acrylic and oil on canvas
48 x 36 inches

"out of its wooden brain suddenly," 2013
acrylic and oil on canvas
60 x 48 inches

"the sibyl's grotto," 2013
acrylic and oil on canvas
60 x 36 inches

"eighth view," 2013
oil on linen
14 x 11 inches

Barry Le Va "Early Installations" @ Sonnabend

"Double Doorways," 1968, chalk dust, approx. 17x22 feet

Set I A Placed, B Placed
Set II A Dropped, B Dropped
Set III A Placed, B Dropped
Set IV placed, 1968
Felt, glass aluminum bars, and stainless steel ball bearings
96 x 96 inches

"Disentangle," 1968, grey felt, approx. 30 x 18 feet

Grazia Toderi @ Sonnabend

"Atlante Rosso," 2012, still from video projection loop, 

"Mirabile Urbis," 2012, still from double video projection loop

Anne Truitt "Threshold: Work from the 1970's" @ Matthew Marks | New York

"Februrare," 1978, acrylic on canvas, 60 1/4 x 60 inches
"Remembered Sea," 1974, acrylic on wood
8 1/4 x 144 x 9 1/2 inches

"Arundel XXV," 1975, acrylic on graphite on canvas,
43 3/4 x 90 inches

"Way III," 1974, acrylic on canvas, 40 3/4 x 87 inches

"Landfall," 1970, acrylic on wood,
73 3/8 x 23 7/8 x 24 inches

"Jaunt," 1977, acrylic on wood,
60 3/8 x 5 1/2 x 9 inches

Installation View

Gene Davis @ Ameringer | McEnery| Yohe

John McCracken "Works from 1963-2011" @ David Zwirner

Jonas Wood @ Anton Kern

Morgan Fisher "Interior Color Beauty" @ Bortolami