dayoutlast is a record of my direct engagement with mostly contemporary art, mostly Los Angelean.

As this blog has evolved since its 2010 inception, so has my perspective. What I once perceived as central within the investigation was what was central, literally, within the photographic frame that I shared here. While still an important consideration, such thinking has also given way to more peripheral considerations, ones also accompanied occasionally by text (written manifestation of thought) and the oscillations between them. What's missing here are larger unknowns surrounding issues of presentation and representation; the amount of time and space it actually takes to accomplish such first-hand observations; and the quandaries between documentation and interpretation.

Despite my attempt to communicate here with image and text what is essential in some respect about the artwork, neither representation should ever be considered a substitution for the primary viewing experience. Of course, occasionally there are exceptions.

Most of the time, these posts are merely remnants---residual fragments---from my last day out.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Piero Golia "Suddenly, in the middle of the summer" @ Gagosian | Beverly Hills

Nero Marquino NAE Fruit Bowl, 2018
Nero marquino marble
4 15/16 x 10 5/8 x 11 inches

Intermission Lamp Prototype #8, 2015-2108
EPS Foam, hard coat, pigment, brass, light bulb, electrical wire and socket

Interesting that for the works on pedestals, they are paired in such a way between upright light and its supine counterpart in heavy/dark. Lights, mediums, and dark which may also lend itself to saying light and dark media or even light and heavy as issues of concrete mass more so than phenomena.  Whatever the case, the contrast in terms along a continuum between such differences (lights and not lights, verticals/horizontals, et al) is played with here as it pertains to domestic living, certainly no shortage of formal and functional balances ensue.  Instead of fruit bowls, I thought about Golia's pool project in Santa Barbara however many years ago; that was 2011 for Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara's (nee Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum) "Home" show.  There are multiple posts here on dayoutlast. Unfortunately, none include Golia's swimming pool because it was unfinished at the time; from what I have gathered online, it is complete and usable. See images   below.

 Swimming, indeed a great summer pastime, this one is not so much about child's play or fitness laps but rather a continual, spiral stepping down and up, much like the back and forth between light and dark, horizontal and vertical, and possibly an allusion to the proportions of beauty, the golden ratio,  the inward and outward turning helix.  Certainly, a restlessness abounds, especially as summer heat reminds us of bright light and empty pools, or should I say fruit bowls?

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